TrialHawk’s relentless pursuit of maximum recovery has yielded results for many of our clients. Below is a selection of settlements and jury verdicts that we have obtained for our clients. Please note that every case is unique and there is no guarantee that any given case will result in a settlement or jury verdict that will fully compensate our clients. That said, we stand behind our case results as representative of our relentless commitment to pursuing maximum recovery for each of our clients.

$4.5 Million

Jury Verdict

(Cap Reduced to $2.25 Million Judgment)

Kenney v. Kump, M.D. et al

Patient suffered post-operative infection and later amputation when his orthopedic surgeon left his tibia (leg bone) exposed after surgery.

$2.5 Million

Settlement Confidential

Patient pregnant with multiple babies was delivered too soon by physicians, leading to lifelong injuries to the babies.

Richard Nagle and Travis Markley are phenomenal lawyers!!! My daughter’s case was turned down twice and I thought it was the end until I was introduced to these angels. They made my daughter their priority, which made me feel secure. Today, justice was served to my daughter and she’s set! These guys are great and I highly recommend them. Thank you Rich and Travis – my family appreciates you guys.

Nakia A.

$1.6 Million

Settlement Confidential

Patient received inadequate post-surgical care, leading to delayed detection of vascular problems after knee surgery and amputation of the leg above the knee.

$1.55 Million

Settlement Confidential

Three-month-old patient was not timely diagnosed or treated for Group B Strep meningitis, leading to his death within twenty-four hours of hospital admission.

When I lost my leg following a failed knee surgery, I didn’t know what to do. I just knew that something had to be done. But TrialHawk took care of everything and made me feel like I was part of their family. I appreciate the tireless efforts of Rich and Travis in getting me through trial and beyond. I could not have asked for better lawyers. Thanks!

Dwayne K.

$1.2 Million

Jury Verdict

Solis v. Yuzefovich, M.D. et al.

Patient’s prenatal ultrasounds were misinterpreted by her obstetrician’s office, leading to her baby’s stillbirth.


Settlement Confidential

Patient suffered a brachial plexus injury during the delivery process, leaving her with severe nerve damage in her affected arm.

The decision to initiate a medical malpractice suit was not one my family took lightly. We wanted a talented firm that could lead the way in a very honorable and dignified manner. We found exactly that with TrialHawk. Travis and Rich handled my children with kid gloves while diligently researching and preparing an excellent strategy for our case. They kept us aware of the developments of the case and did everything to make my family as comfortable as possible. They made an excellent team with a tremendous mix of knowledge, experience and professionalism that was on display before, during and after our trial. I would recommend TrialHawk to anyone who has been involved in an unfortunate situation and wants to explore their options with experienced attorneys.

John L.


Settlement Confidential

Patient received delayed evaluation for perforated bowel in the emergency department, leading to his premature death.

Thank you for all that you did for our sons, including how quickly it happened and for making it as painless as possible. We were so lucky to have found you! I can sleep at night now knowing that one of our sons can get the care and support that he deserves (he wants to be a Ninja warrior!) and that I can focus on getting our other two sons ready for college without worrying about how to pay for it or taking away from the support that they have and need today. In spite of their injuries, they are overcoming!

Kate P.